I am an art historian, writer, and lecturer at BTK University for Art and Design based in Berlin, Germany. I am also Editor in Chief of brand-new digital art magazine bosmagazine, a sister program of the annual Berlin Open Studio series of events. I received my PhD in Art History from University of Southern California in 2015.  My research focuses on the history of photography, history and art history of the Cold War, and German and more generally Central European art, with a side of late Hapsburg Austrian art history. My dissertation project, “The Problem of the Missing Museum: The Construction of Photographic Culture in the GDR,” examines the culture of exhibition for photographs and the numerous attempts to imagine, construct, and manipulate the history of photography and the concept of the photography museum in the German Democratic Republic. I have worked in various roles in trade and academic publishing, such as Editorial Assistant at Houghton Mifflin Company, The Journal of Marketing, and The Art Bulletin, and have served as research assistant to the head of the scholars program at the Getty Research Institute. My publications include reviews and features for Bookpage, Los Angeles Magazine online, Pasadena Weekly, Goethe Institute’s online cultural news, and essays for Zeithistorische Forschungen and Afterimage. Funding for my research and study has been awarded by the Conference Group for Central European History, DAAD, the Borchard Foundation, the Fulbright Program, and the American Association of University Women (AAUW). Outside of work, I travel, jog, knit, take photos, haunt museums and galleries, pretend to write fiction and poetry, and pine for my days doing stand-up comedy.


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